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<Zopolis4>just checking on this-- "just to be clear-- this means that I can (in appropriate cases) use realpath instead of PATH_MAX?"
<gnu_srs1>Question: I have a patch enabling socat to build. And socat is a build-dependency for util-linux.
<gnu_srs1>However socat cannot work since netstat from net-tools is not available for Hurd :( What to do?
<damo22>gnu_srs1: i think net-tools should be able to be ported to Hurd when i finish my /proc/route patch
<damo22>if not, see what else is missing
<Guest8845>gnu_srs1: what do you mean that you compiled it but it cannot work?
<damo22>maybe it calls a different binary as a process
<Guest8845>damo22: I'm not aware of it
<gnu_srs1>net-tools also build-depends on linux-specific dnprogs and libselinux
<Guest8845>gnu_srs1 how does it fail?
<gnu_srs1>Guest8845: Yes, socat runs but needs netstat to do anything usable.
<Guest8845>then you need to port netstat
<Guest8845>I would start from a bsd if the linux one is overkill
<Guest8845>also linux is deprecating it for ip and ss
<gnu_srs1>iputils, supplying ip build-depends on libcap2 which is linux-any :(
<Guest8845>what do you need POSIX 1003.1e capabilities for?
<gnu_srs1>And iproute2, supplying ss is also linux-any :(
<Guest8845>I don't understand your logic?
<Guest8845>what do you want to achieve?
<Guest8845>if you need netstat, then there is plenty of implementations
<gnu_srs1>socat uses ip on linux. On other archs it uses netstat. Neither is available on GNU/Hurd.
<Guest8845>then start porting netstat from a bsd
<gnu_srs1>apt-cache search netstat does not reveal anything useful
<damo22>dpkg -L
<Guest8845>try to compile this:
<Guest8845>but I doubt it will work straight away
<gnu_srs1>I don't want this crap: usrmerge, how to get rid of it?
<gnu_srs1>I had to pin both usrmerge and usr-is-merged :(
<gnu_srs1>Why forcing Debian users to usrmerge, also for Hurd? Maybe we need a devuan-hurd after all!
<Guest8845>gnu_srs1 : we all know that it is the consequence of a narcissistic primadonna "great idea"
<Guest8845>linux is also there to validate genious minds, didn't you knew that?
<Zopolis4>yeah it's not like the /usr split is a critical issue
<Zopolis4>it is, in fact, one of my favourite POSIX features
<Zopolis4>splitting system, package manager and user-compiled
<gnu_srs1>Zopolis4: usrmerge is NOT a POSIX feature!
<gnu_srs1>The devuan version of init-system-helpers reverts the dependency on usrmerge | usr-is merged.
<gnu_srs1>This is motivation enough for creating a devuan-specific distro of Hurd. I'll start working on that immediately. Any followers?
<Guest8845>gnu_srs1: I think that the hurd can also merge usr and root
<Guest8845>I'm not into debian, but i guess this decision was discussed long, and now it seems late to change that
<Guest8845>I normally take the orthodox stance of sticking to the common rules
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<Guest8845>damo22: I thought you were fixing some patches that would allow rumpdisk to drive real hw using acpi, what happened to them? Are they working for you?