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<damo22>Pellescours: you probably need to implement the shared struct in a separate file within the common lib, and provide an extern reference everywhere else you use it, and when you compile, you dont link to a main
<damo22>so the symbol would only be actually defined in the common lib, and you link it only once
<damo22>that indeed will cause the library to depend on another library, but it will always be used together with that lib
<Zopolis4>submitted two fixes to debian packages failing to build on hurd, one was already merged
<Zopolis4>feels good
<Zopolis4>admittedly they were incredibly low hanging fruit
<Zopolis4>lower than PATH_MAX
<Zopolis4>got a fix for a package which is the sole dependency of like 7 coming up soon so thats nice
<damo22>good job
<damo22>i spent way too long on this but i fixed dual graphics on sandy/ivybridge thinkpads in coreboot today
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