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<damo22>Pellescours: define the ones you need to move out of the lib as "extern" and only link them via the lib
<damo22>the libraries will be useless on their own but we never need to use them without at least one copy of each
<damo22>azeem: are you involved with the debian packaging for hurd-i386 port?
<damo22>or the administration of the port
<_bo>There seems to be no dedicated channel to debian-hurd, so I'll ask here. When trying to install hurd in virtualbox, pseudo-graphical install gets stuck after "creating device nodes" step. No output, nothing, just sits there
<youpi>debian channels are on the oftc network
<youpi>how much ram did you give to the vm?
<_bo>What is oftc?
<_bo>Machine has 256Mb RAM and 32 video
<youpi>256M is very low
<youpi>I'm even surprised it boots at all
<_bo>Understood. Official gnu doc says that hurd is 32-bits and there are no plans going 64, so should 2gb be enough?
<youpi>where do you see that there is no plans going 64bit?
<youpi>there are
<youpi>please tell us where you saw that wrongsaying
<youpi>2g should be enough yes
<youpi>(no, "official gnu doc" is really not precise enough)
<_bo>Maybe I misunderstood, I'm not clear on what userland or any land is
<youpi>there are plans for 64-bit kernelland with 32-bit userland
<youpi>maybe you can read a bit about operating systems
<zamfofex>It means the kernel will be running in 64‐bit mode, but executables will still be 32‐bit.
<_bo>That was another question - I did read freebsd user handbook few years ago, that was fantastic intruduction to the system, so I was wondering if hurd had something similar?
<youpi>there are such kinds of documentation yes
<youpi>see topic links
<youpi>but for kernel/user land in general, you can read any documentation about operating systems in general
<_bo>Understood, thanks!
<_bo>I'll direct my questions to oftc for debian-related stuff
<iska>hmm. I installed the new hurd and mach, get thrown into read-only mach terminal
<iska>(compiled from git)
<iska>can't fsck, mtab file missing
<aoeu>Wonder if this man is still engaged in hurd
<ThinkT510>The archhurd packages don't seem to have been updated since 2019
<ThinkT510>suprised that they updated the latest news post to point to libera chat though
<biblio>aoeu: I think yes.
<ThinkT510>you just missed them
<aoeu>Seems that debian is the only supported distro
<aoeu>Or at least not 100% dead
***aoeu is now known as _bo
<ThinkT510>there is also guix but all development seems to be done on debian