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<youpi>damo22: ah, yes, you also need to implement routes in lwip :)
<damo22>youpi: how should the routing table be displayed? is it enough to have a single file in /servers/socket/routes with all the routes?
<damo22>it could display the per device as a column in a single table
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<damo22>youpi: how did you upload new hurd package with new ioctls if the new <net/route.h> is missing in glibc?
<damo22>also the #define macros got squished from the commit message
<youpi>damo22: see /proc/net/route on Linux
<youpi>damo22: pfinet defines its own srtentry
<youpi>damo22: see /proc/net/route on Linux
<youpi>damo22: pfinet defines its own srtentry
<damo22>youpi: youre always one step ahead! thank god someone is
<biblio>youpi: I think, I was able to solve "kconfig" build issue for debian package. How can I send the patch ?
<youpi>better submit upstream
<youpi>and then down to debian with reportbug
<biblio>youpi: It is hurd specific. They need CMAKE macro to avoid OS check (HURD is not included). And time delay needed for one of the test.
<biblio>youpi: ok
<Pellescours>damo22: I don’t succeed to compile rump with ata dot conflicting with piixide and ahcisata :/
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