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<damo22>youpi: is there a particular process we need to go through to get libacpica debian package included in hurd?
<damo22>since im not a debian developer or maintainer, i guess someone else needs to put their name on the package?
<youpi>since it'll be a hurd-only package, we'll upload it to debian-ports' unreleased anyway
<youpi>I have my key in the debian-ports keyring, so I can upload it
<damo22>i think it would be a good idea if i become involved in the debian packaging too for hurd, you cant possibly do everything yourself
<youpi>well, uploading is a very quick thing to do :)
<youpi>the long work is committing what's correct in the repository
<youpi>which you're already doing :)
<youpi>you're very welcome helping with other hurd packages
<damo22>i saw the broken list that you provided, its daunting
<damo22>but if i pick off some low hanging fruit it might get easier
<youpi>the broken list, you mean of the debian packages in general ?
<youpi>it's daunting yes but no need to work it all through
<youpi>rather focus on the top packages in graph-top.txt
<youpi>and whatever you rather want (e.g. vim ;) )
<damo22>where is that file?
<youpi>I don't know what you meant by "that you provided", but it's probably along it
<damo22>oh yes, i may start with vim and git
<damo22>i hate when they break
<biblio>damo22: youpi: I was able to fix compilation issue of latest iptables on HURD. but when I run iptables -L . it says xtable lock error or something like that. another process is blocking.
<youpi>iptables is linux-only
<damo22>i dont think iptables makes sense, you can filter ports using a translator?
<biblio>youpi: ok
<youpi>there's the eth-filter yes
<youpi>but it's completely different from iptables
<damo22>im trying to upstream a patch into netbsd kernel for accurate buffer reporting in the audio driver, by filtering time with a delay loop
<youpi>also, emacs is currently uninstallable
<damo22>poor emacs
<damo22>does anyone know a deb-src that works for hurd? im getting W: Skipping acquire of configured file 'main/source/Sources' as repository ' unstable InRelease' does not seem to provide it (sources.list entry misspelt?)
<biblio>damo22: please check if you have something like this "deb-src unstable InRelease"
<biblio>damo22: as far I know one entry for deb and another deb-src for source
<damo22>InRelease at the end does not work
<damo22>i tried main
<biblio>damo22: deb-src unstable main
<biblio>damo22: oh ok :(
<biblio>damo22: please check webpage. I am not sure if it will help
<damo22>that last deb-src you provided works, but its not ports
<biblio>damo22: ok :)
<damo22>ill just clone salsa
<damo22>wow building vim takes ages for the test suite
<biblio>damo22: there is an env variable you can set to skip tests. if you just want to build and run.
<damo22>no i am trying to fix the debian package so it does not fail
<damo22>the only reason we have vim is because youpi uploaded a binary
<biblio>damo22: oh ok. I use emacs :)
<damo22>emacs apparently does not build either
<biblio>damo22: i will try to have a look.
<damo22>git is also broken because git-man is not updated or something
<biblio>damo22: git is also broken in latest release as far I remember
<damo22>i want to fix vim and git
<damo22>biblio: you can fix emacs and i'll fix vim and git
<biblio>damo22: ok sure. I will try to fix other packages. Yes emacs, I want to check. iproute2 - I also need for openstack. I posted my draft as
<damo22>youpi: what command do we use for route?
<biblio>damo22: currently, in openstack I am use hard coded password. but to make it cloud like cloud-init package need to add route to make metadata accessible from VM. without iproute2 cloud-init wont work.
<biblio>damo22: but not a big issue you can still use hard coded password for hurd on openstack - it works.
<youpi>damo22: nobody has contributed it so far
<damo22>is there a concept of routing table in hurd?
<damo22>i dont understand the network stack enough
<youpi>i.e. the linux stack
<youpi>so most probably yes
<youpi>just nobody has plugged the right ioctl/netlink/whatever needed to add a route
<damo22>i cant find vim in the failed packages list, but im building it now, it seems to be stuck for a long time on Executing Test_mouse_alt_leftclick()
<youpi>I ran a build with nocheck
<youpi>to be able to have it installable in the latest iso I built yesterday
<youpi>you can look at the old build logs from
<damo22>strange, i thought to give up on the hung test to look into it, but when i pressed ctrl-c it continued to the next test
<damo22>one of the vim errors im looking at is obscure, it literally creates a dir via a vim command and fails... but it works locally in my vim
<damo22>this is way harder than i thought it would be
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<mhatta>Hi guys
<mhatta>So I'm now trying to use Digital Ocean for running Debian GNU/Hurd
<mhatta>Digital Ocean can accept img, so I'm trying to use debian-hurd-20210812.img
<mhatta>Looks like it went as expected, but seems failed to mount root fs
<mhatta>start ext2fs: ext2fs: device: hd0s2: No such device or address
<mhatta>Should I generate raw or qcow2 image by myself?
<youpi>mhatta: it rather looks like your virtualization software is emulation a sata disk, while the image was configured to use an ide disk
<youpi>possibly you can just switch the emulation from sata to ide
<biblio>mhatta: please click edit metadata of your image and search hw_disk_bus set this option to ide
<biblio>mhatta: search hw_vif_model set as e1000
<youpi>as a reminder: contribution welcome on the wiki, to write down such tips
<biblio>youpi: sure. Now, I push in my repo as draft but i will add in wiki soon.
<mhatta>As far as I could see I can't change the setting of virtual machine on Digital Ocean
<biblio>mhatta: not the virtual machine. you need to edit metadata of your image.
<biblio>mhatta: where you uploaded debian-hurd-20210812.img there will be a "edit" button.
<mhatta>biblio, unfortuenately there's no "edit" button or such
<mhatta>Where do we usually specify the (virtual) hardware on cloud environment?
<mhatta>I mean, I guess we need to specify specific hardware (ide, e1000, etc.) somehow but I don't know where we can set them
<mhatta>DigitalOcean Web or CLI API seems not provide such settings
<biblio>mhatta: in openstack it is defined with image as far I understood.
<biblio>mhatta: let me show you an example...
<mhatta>biblio, yeah, that's what I thought
<mhatta>So I guess I have to generate img or qcow2 by myself (not stock debian-hurd.img)
<biblio>mhatta: that metadata is included in cloud provider. not with image (sorry for the confusion)
<biblio>mhatta: i am sending you a link of a screenshot
<mhatta>Hmm, then I can't run HURD on DigitalOcean, can I?
<mhatta>Seems this guy had the same problem on linode (in 2018), so I can't use linode either
<mhatta>cloud providers don't allow changing the virtual machine spec such as disc controllers or NICs
<biblio>mhatta: did find any interface like in your hosting provider ?
<biblio>mhatta: if it is standard openstack they will have this options.
<biblio>mhatta: these*
<mhatta>biblio, no, they might use openstack but I guess they heavily customize it
<biblio>mhatta: ok I will also try to test other hosting providers.
<mhatta>I'm still confused. If I generate images with metadata specifying hw_vif_mode etc., then should it work?
<biblio>mhatta: this is not metadata with binary. this is metadata (some specifications) for openstack.
<mhatta>biblio, ah I see, thanks
<youpi>damo22: also, thinking about testsuites, in the qt* packages, it looked to me like there is a common build failures about GL context
<youpi>possibly fixing that would fix various qt packages
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<biblio>youpi: I will have a look.