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<biblio>damo22: youpi: I was able to boot hurd on openstack. But patch is needed for cloud-init package to make it work 100%. Sample output:
<Zopolis4>youpi: you said that we were already using ddekit for network drivers, i presume you mean pfinet, but I couldn't find any mentions of ddekit in either gnumach or hurd
<youpi>no, I really mean drivers
<youpi>which run in the netdde process
<youpi>it's in the incubator
<youpi>use apt source to get thedebian source
<damo22>imho we should replace netdde with rumpnet
<damo22>but i havent had a chance to look into it
<damo22>youpi: i pushed a fix for the symlink
<damo22>oh you said put in -dev ... why that package? i put it in 0
<damo22>removing that PCI_CFG2 fixes most of my troubles with usb
<damo22>except the interrupt handling is getting confused with disk
<damo22>once we sort out a few issues, implementing more rump drivers should be easier because you can do everything in userspace
<damo22>Zopolis4: you sound keen to get involved, why dont you take a look at rumpdisk and how it is implemented, it would be useful to read..
<damo22>rump abstracts away the device low level stuff, so it leaves you to think about how to use the particular device in hurd
<Zopolis4>tbh im just trying to boot and install hurd on my thinkpad
<Zopolis4>although rumpdisk does seem like a good first step for detection
<damo22>Zopolis4: which thinkpad?
<damo22>i dont think its ethernet card is supported by netdde
<Zopolis4>i havent gotten that far yet
<damo22>do you have a dock with a cdrom
<damo22>you cant install from usb stick
<Zopolis4>i dont have a dock, but there is a drive built in to the laptop
<Zopolis4>ive been able to boot from both usb and dvd but both fail because the installer cant find the installation media
<damo22>you cannot boot from usb, only the ramdisk will first work, but then it wont find the usb because there is no usb support
<Zopolis4>yeah it dosent work on dvd either
<Zopolis4>it might just be me being cursed with debian installs though
<damo22>it should work on dvd
<damo22>or cd
<damo22>i recommend getting a usb->sata dongle, (USB3) theyre pretty cheap, and then use a physical 2.5" disk plugged into usb on the host, with qemu
<damo22>then when youve installed hurd, you can try plugging the disk into the laptop
<Zopolis4>im installing hurd into a .img file with qemu rn, i
<Zopolis4>'ll try flashing that to something and booting from that
<damo22>it has to be an ide disk
<damo22>you cannot boot from usb
<damo22>hopefully we can change that some day
<Zopolis4>i have some usb->sata adapters lying around, but no disks.
<damo22>but you were going to install onto your laptop?
<damo22>cant you take out the disk?
<damo22>CURSES! qemu-system-i386: -curses: warning: -curses is deprecated, use -display curses instead.
<damo22>youpi: i believe "-usb" option in qemu passes through the host usb, so due to having disk attached on host via usb it was conflicting... when i ran my test usb program in qemu with no usb devices on host, it detected everything and IRQ did not conflict
<damo22>on my x230, it even detects xHCI 1.0
<damo22>so we have uhci ehci and xhci apparently
<biblio>damo22: nice
<biblio>damo22: please check when you have time for hurd on openstack.
<biblio>damo22: i can get ssh password prompt. Please ignore error. This IP will be static route via openstack while booting. It failed to do as ip and ifconfig are missing - as far I understood.
<damo22>2022-08-22 22:07:21,397 -[WARNING]: Could not print networks: missing 'ip' and 'ifconfig' commands
<damo22>2022-08-22 22:07:21,417 -[WARNING]: Could not print routes: missing 'ip' and 'netstat' commands
<damo22>did you install inetutils-tools or whatever
<biblio>damo22: So, it could not push my selected ssh key for the user inside virtual box.
<biblio>damo22: yes i installed inetutils-*
<damo22>my hurd does not have those tools either
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<biblio>damo22: if we patch cloud-init then hurd is ready to be deployed in openstack.
<biblio>damo22: I used guix-hurd-latest profile for qemu to boot in debian testing.
<damo22>do it then :-)
<biblio>damo22: yes i will try.
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