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<damo22>youpi: ping
<youpi>damo22: pong
<damo22>(19:11:08) damo22: im having trouble... i did a new install of hurd from the current netinst cd here: and it upgraded packages but hangs at boot
<youpi>possibly you're having the same problem as we have on rbraun's boxes
<youpi>perhaps try to downgrade libc to 2.33
<damo22>i no longer have a working hurd install because i upgraded my old one too
<damo22>it exhibits the identical problem
<damo22>proc auth. <- newline then nothing
<youpi>looks similar to what we're getting on rbraun's boxes indeed
<damo22>ok good to know
<youpi>(and downgrading glibc worked around the problem)
<damo22>can i debootstrap a hurd installation from scratch onto a blank disk?
<damo22>without hurd
<damo22>i dont know how to downgrade it
<damo22>unless i install hurd from the installer and refuse to upgrade packages?
<damo22>maybe i should grab the disk image and attach old disk, then chroot into that
<youpi>you can install from the netinstall installer without a network mirror and that'll refrain from upgrading anything indeed
<youpi>otherwise you can also mount by hand an installed system from the installer
<youpi># for glibc 2.33-8
<youpi>deb [check-valid-until=no] sid main
<youpi>we're using that source on rbraun's boxes
<youpi>(but downgrading glibc also requires downgrading any package that happens to now depend on glibc 2.34 )
<damo22>how do i mount /servers on /target/servers ? the default rescue image does not seem to pass through /servers/sockets/ i get resource busy when i try to access the net
<youpi>settrans /target/servers /hurd/firmlink /servers
<damo22>that works
<damo22>this is hard, im going to reinstall a version that works
<damo22>i have hurd, but i cant install git or vim, game over
<youpi>you can install an older version of vim-common, to be able to install the current version of vim
<youpi>help welcome on fixing the testsuite, which used to pass fine not that long ago
<damo22>glibc testsuite?
<damo22>sorry which testsuite
<youpi>the vim testsuite
<youpi>which is what is making the vim package lag behind the vim-common package
<youpi>whenever a newer version comes up in debian
<youpi>from times to times I upload a package built without the testsuite run, to make vim installable again, but as soon as another vim gets uploaded, that's moot
<youpi>so at some point $somebody has to fix the testsuite
<damo22>i can take a look at vim but im more concerned about what has broken all installs
<youpi>not "all", it works fine on my box, that's why it went unnoticed :/
<damo22>oh ok
<damo22>ive spent the last 3 hours trying to either recover my old hurd or get a working hurd development box again but i still dont have vim or git, its a rough ride
<youpi>git is the same story as vim
<youpi>in the past years $somebody was basically me, but at some point I just don't have the time to do all the maintenance work...
<damo22>why is it necessary to have the latest version of packages? is it less maintenance than providing a stable version that is old, but works?
<youpi>it's not necessary, but that's how the debian-ports archive currently works
<youpi>it's the same arch:all package for all archs
<youpi>and thus the latest
<youpi>help welcome on making debian-ports use the plain dak implementation, which handles having different arch:all packages for different archs
<damo22>so any package that has arch:all is centralised in debian-ports, thus you must upgrade to that version that is in the central repository?
<youpi>in the debian-ports repository
<youpi>but since there are some linuxish archs in the debian-ports repository, that happens to get upgraded to the latest
<youpi>or possibly it's just taking the arch:all packages from the debian repository, I don't remember
<damo22>that is a huge burden
<youpi>yes, but apparently not enough for somebody to actually work on it
<youpi>gotta go, later