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<damo22>hmm got a page fault trying to check out a branch on rumpkernel
<damo22>../vm/vm_fault.c:707: vm_fault_page: Assertion `!must_be_resident' failed
<damo22>.Debugger invoked: assertion failure
<damo22>Kernel Breakpoint trap, eip 0xc1022654
<damo22>Stopped at Debugger+0x13: int $3
<damo22>/hurd/startup: Crashing system; essential task ext2fs died
<damo22>updating my new system, see if that fixes id
<damo22>hmm its now hung on reboot:
<damo22>Hurd server bootstrap: ext2fs[part:2:device:wd0] exec startup proc auth.
<damo22>db> show all tasks
<damo22> 0 f5b49f00 gnumach [8]
<damo22> 1 f5b49e40 pci-arbiter [4]
<damo22> 2 f5b49d80 rumpdisk [33]
<damo22> 3 f5b49cc0 ext2fs [28]
<damo22> 4 f5b49c00 exec [4]
<damo22> 5 f5b49b40 /hurd/startup [1]
<damo22> 6 f5b49a80 /hurd/proc [3]
<damo22> 7 f5b499c0 /hurd/auth [2]
<damo22> 8 f5b49900 /usr/libexec/console-run(1) [1]
<damo22> 9 f5b49840 /bin/sh(11) [2]