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<jab>luckyluke: I imagine that would be a valuable contribution.
<Zopolis4>drivers are in mach, right?
<Zopolis4>hmm, says they are
<damo22>theyre supposed to be in userspace for a microkernel model
<Zopolis4>yeah thats what i thought
<youpi>some ae
<damo22>they were needed to bootstrap the system before we had userspace ones
<Gooberpatrol66>youpi: what drivers are still in mach?
<Zopolis4>why is rumpdisk allocated /dev/cd* when it looks like it dosent have any cd handling code?
<Gooberpatrol66>looks like sergey finally got the copyright assignment? congrats
<damo22>Zopolis4: it does
<damo22>its linked with librumpdev_scsipi or whatever
<damo22>each driver group is contained in a library called librumpdev_*
<damo22>we need to define new RPCs for new classes of devices
<damo22>or implement the drivers as mach devices
<damo22>emulated in userspace
<gnucode>damo22: I haven't seem much activity in the bug-hurd mailing list about using netBSD drivers...I heard you may have been running into libc incompatibility issues...