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<Zopolis4>Given up on trying qemu, dug out an old thinkpad and have so far gotten hurd to boot
<Zopolis4>aaand now its stuck on ext2fs: part:2:device:hd0: No such device or address
<Zopolis4>yeah still breaks on that on all 7 boots
<Zopolis4>mk gotten further with the debian install iso burned to a dvd
<Zopolis4>but got stuck on it not being able to find a device for installation media
<Zopolis4>are there nonfree debian gnu/hurd installer isos?
<braunr>i've just upgraded libc0.3 on
<braunr>apart from a couple of -dev packages that were lost because of the ongoing libc transition, the machine is now unable to boot properyl
<braunr>don't upgrade for now
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<Zopolis4>can hurd use linux nonfree firmware?