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<Zopolis4>Hurd still fails to boot for me on qemu, I gave it 10G of memory but it still breaks
<Zopolis4>the kbd queue full comes after i tried to login a bunch of times
<Zopolis4>it used to work aroudn 3 months ago
<Zopolis4>but it only booted once and never again even if i switched images
<Zopolis4>nvm 5th times the charm ive got a shell which i can enter input into
<jab>Zopolis4: that's odd. :)
<Zopolis4>its very slow
<Zopolis4>but thats probably because im runnign software virtualisation wtihin hardware virtualisation on a weak laptop
<Zopolis4>there's no kvm module in the WSL2 kernel
<Zopolis4>its almost finished with apt update
<Zopolis4>aaaaaaaaaaaand its frozen