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<apteryx>Hi! What are most hurd enthusiasts here running from? The Guix hurd image or the Debian one? Something else?
<youpi>rather the Debian one
<apteryx>running in QEMU for most people, right?
<apteryx>what's the focus of the development these days (if there is one); or what are people hacking on?
<youpi>apteryx: userland disk drivers, smp and 64bit support
<apteryx>neat! 64bit support is probably in high demand :-)
<apteryx>is it complicated today to reproduce the level of isolation provided by Linux namespaces on Hurd?
<apteryx>anything to read about this topic?
<youpi>64bit is not really high demand, essentially everything can work with 32bits
<youpi>suib-hurds provide better isolation than linux namespaces
<youpi>isolation is a *native* thing in the hurd
<apteryx>OK. I thought for people wanting to put their servers to good work with more than 4 GiB of addressable memory
<youpi>32bit can use more than 4G of ram already
<apteryx>oh, I didn't know that
<apteryx>I'll read on sub hurds, thank you