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<isf>happy hacking everybody
<Zopolis4>I'm trying to run hurd from the qemu img, but it hangs on the login bit everytime
<Zopolis4>the cursor is still flashing but i cant type anything
<Zopolis4>im using qemu-system-x86_64 -m 6G -display curses -drive cache=writeback,file=debian-hurd-20220331.img
<damo22>Zopolis4: try pressing ctrl-c twice
<damo22>i am guessing you will get a shell
<damo22>hmm ok
<Zopolis4>if i press enough things i get kbd: queue full after login:
<damo22>oh if you already filled the kbd buffer i think the ctrl-c trick does not work
<Zopolis4>well the control c thing didnt work even before that showed up
<damo22>mine lets me enter the username and password and then hangs before giving me the shell
<damo22>but if i press ctrl-c twice i get a shell
<Zopolis4>i used to get a shell
<damo22>something must be broken
<Zopolis4>mebbe its because im running qemu in wsl2 and as such have no kvm
<damo22>it would be slow
<luckyluke>Zopolis4: if you just need a shell, you could use an emulated serial device instead or in addition to curses