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<slex>hello guys did your try to build gnumach recently on x86_64 linux systems? (host)
<akib>anybody here???
<klys>slex, seems someone was attempting a port, this was months ago tho.
<slex>so if i want to build gnumach i need a 32 bit OS?
<slex>or a cross compiler?
<isf>you dont need 32 bits CPU since 64 bits CPU run 32bits too slex
<Gooberpatrol66>someone posted 32-on-64 patches on the mailing list like a month ago
<slex>i know that, i was asking if i need a 32 bit operating system with all its libraries or just a cross compiler
<klys>cross compilers are good to have around, I suggest getting you one. debian may have one for you prebuilt.
<Gooberpatrol66>you could try looking at what cross-hurd does when given the x64 target
<slex>i mean, i have arch in 64 bit, if i want to compile 32 bit souces i need to instruct the compiler to do that
<klys>well you may note the intel x32 abi is different from the traditional x86 abi
<klys>may or may not work for you.
<slex>that's nice i iwll try
<slex>i wanna play a bit with the kernel