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<gnucode>well I am playing with the Hurd again today. Any tips on what X desktop environment or window manager I should use?
<gnucode>I feel like I should go with a window manager, because that would be more light weight.
<gnucode>I am currently looking at dwm, but that is REALLY light-weight.
<gnucode>will putting in .xinitrc "exec dwm" and then running startx gives an error
<gnucode>xinit: unable to connect to xserver
<gnucode>the log file says "failed to load module fbdevhw"
<gnucode>I guess that means that it is having issues displaying the graphics...
<gnucode>then it loaded vbe...
<gnucode>the error message in the log is: (EE) Vesa(0): cannot read int vect
<youpi>that was mentioned on the list, yes, it is waiting for somebody to investigate
<gnucode>that's what I thought...bummer.