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<andrzejku>I was talking last time here about C language
<andrzejku>and the thing which worry me is, isn't better to use something more type safe
<andrzejku>as we can see that Linux is still not yet ready for critical systems
<andrzejku>so following the right programming tool might made it ready
<luckyluke>andrzejku: Linux is actually used in some mission-critical systems, I think the programming language is just a part of the problem
<luckyluke>I agree there are better alternatives to C nowadays, for example I can't wait to see the rust gcc port working ;)
<andrzejku>so you accept rust
<luckyluke>but in my opinion the programing language is often depending on the history of the project, commercial tools support, etc.
<luckyluke>I'm not an expert, but I think it could be a valid alternative, especially for embedded systems
<luckyluke>e.g. where you don't have an MMU
<andrzejku>luckyluke, and what about zig?
<luckyluke>it look also interesting, although it seems to be very C-like
<luckyluke>uh sorry, I'm confused with another language I saw recently... that was Hare
<andrzejku>oh this Hare is also intresting
<luckyluke>is zig working on GNU/Hurd?
<andrzejku>I don't know
<andrzejku>luckyluke, but that's interesting what you said
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