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<Zopolis4>I can't run hurd via qemu either
<youpi>are you running it in an X session?
<youpi>well qemu needs it to show its interface :)
<Zopolis4>no way i can do it cli only? I don't have a GUI
<damo22>-curses ?
<Zopolis4>that did it, thanks
<luckyluke>Also -nographic if you add console=com0 to the kernel cmdline
<luckyluke>I was trying to use debootstrap to create a minimal rootfs, but it seems to have some issues with validating the Release file. I've also tried adding --extra-suites=unreleased and disabling gpg validation, but I still have the same issue:
<luckyluke>E: Invalid Release file, no entry for main/binary-hurd-i386/Packages
<luckyluke>any ideas?
<luckyluke>fyi, if I use a shapshot then debootstrap works, e.g.
<luckyluke>debootstrap --no-check-gpg sid tmp/