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<Zopolis4>In regards to 64-bit support, does the master-x86_64 branch have more support than the master branch? I see a bunch of commits relating to 64-bit work, but I'm not sure if those mean that all the work from the master-x86_64 branch was merged into master a while ago.
<Zopolis4>Ah-- It looks like everything up to and including 8872f037708d83d8b71de6747be499066d287455 was integrated, is there any particular reason why the commits after that were not merged into master?
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<iska>hurd broke lol
<iska>X won't start
<iska>black screen
<iska>okay so I broke hurd, again
<iska>I think it's because I built hurd from source but not mach
<luckyluke>iska: did you apply the debian patches?
<luckyluke>Zopolis4: I think you can start from the master branch for 64-bit, I'm also working on it
<iska>debian patches?
<iska>luckyluke: yeah I didn't :/
<iska>can you tell me where they are?
<iska>and how to compile mach
<luckyluke>in the debian package, you can clone it from and use gbp to push the patches
<luckyluke>and the same for gnumach