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<iska>I'm trying to use HURD with qemu but I get a garbage screen
<youpi>iska: there used to be a bug in grub, which is fixed in the latest relases
<iska>I'm using the last snapshot tho
<iska>I'm going to reboot to see if it helps
<iska>nope, still garbage
<iska>I'm using march 31 build
<youpi>describing more precisely what you do and the content of the screen, e.g. a screen shot, would immensely help in having any slight idea what could be going wrong
<iska>qemu-system-i386 -enable-kvm -cpu host -smp 6 -m 8G -drive file=/mnt/aar/iso/debian-hurd-20220331.img,format=raw,cache=writeback
<damo22>dont use 8G ram, only 4 and smp is useless currently
<iska>I also did qemu-system-x86_64 with same results
<iska>I wanted to test if more memory would work, turns out I was wrong
<damo22>although i dont know why that would fail
<youpi>uh, never saw that kind of garbage
<iska>I think it was actually because of xmp
<iska>or not?
<youpi>at which point of the boot does it get garbled?
<youpi>(not getting this issue here even with 8G ram and smp 6)
<youpi>perhaps you could try without -enable-kvm
<youpi>to see if that could be a bogus optimization in kvm
<iska>maybe this is arch being arch (it's artix but whatever)
<damo22>i use -M q35,accel=kvm -m 4096
<iska>I see
<iska>also, maintenence mode had a normal screen
<damo22>what does "-cpu host" do?
<youpi>it exposes all cpuid flags supported by the real cpu, to the guest
<youpi>thus enabling all optimizations in the guest
<damo22>maybe that is causing something
<iska>that's the culprit
<iska>disabled acceleration, now it's working fine
<damo22>so without kvm the garble goes away?
<youpi>that doesn't mean it's the culprit
<youpi>it just means it's a trigger
<youpi>then whether the culprit is inside kvm or the hurd console , that's another investigation
<iska>I mean at least I found a bug
<youpi>we don't lack finding bugs :) we lack investigating bugs
<iska>I want to help with that as well
<iska>-enable-kvm doesn't cause the garbage
<iska>-m 8G and -smp 6 give no errors but don't see the extra threads and memory
<iska>I just realized what's wrong
<iska>I think one or few cpu flags messes with pseudo graphics mode
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