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<gnu_srs1>youpi: Is hurd-recommended still of interest? It will be removed due to libsmbclient when upgrading.
<gnu_srs1>No problem any longer: Installing libsmbclient samba-libs python3-ldb fixed the problem.
<m4t3>Is it possible to have Hurd as main kernel and Linux as sub-kernel on a system; To handle extensive drivers support and wide Free Software ecosystem and high performance systems.
<youpi>that's already what gnumach is doing
<youpi>but using linux for that is a pain to maintain
<youpi>we're heading to using bsd instead, through rump
<whatbh[m]>youpi: is there anything like L4 + rump ?
<youpi>not that I know of
<tricon>I'm assuming Hurd is primarily targeting x86_64, yeah? Any pre-existing aarch64 work?
<whatbh[m]>i think it primarily targets x86, which can run on x86_64. true x86_64 is at early stage.