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<luckyluke>Hi! I'm now stuck at memory_object_create_proxy(), type conversion between 32/64 is a bit difficult here...
<luckyluke>mainly because vm types should be extended/shrinked, but I'm not sure if this can be done easily
<luckyluke>one option maybe could be to add a specific type name for vm types, so the conversion can be done during copyinmsg/copyoutmsg, together with port types
<luckyluke>I supose this would required a staged rollout to maintain a working system, e.g. first enable gnumach, then change mig, but currently I don't have a better solution
<luckyluke>btw, currently it seems mig doesn't calls the intran/outran function for array types, but even there, it doesn't seem the better place for extending/shrinking the data buffer