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<luckyluke>With my 64-bit gnumach branch most RPC are now working :)
<luckyluke>I tried booting from a ramdisk, to simplify driver issues, but ext2fs gets stuck after a while...
<luckyluke>I suspect something related to memory mapping or memory objects
<luckyluke>One thing is also that I'm still linking the kernel at 0x40000000, so the VM range is different from the 32-bit build
<luckyluke>Any ideas?
<youpi>wow :D
<youpi>getting stuck might be about memory mappings indeed
<youpi>you can use trace from the kernel debugger to check where it's stuck
<youpi>why do you have to link at 40000000 ?
<user_oreloznog>luckyluke, youpi: congrats!
<user_oreloznog>Firsts attempts to create a guix-hurd logo:
<luckyluke><youpi> "why do you have to link at 40000..." <- That's just because it was the xen configuration for 64 bit, moving over 4G causes linker issues (probably related to mcmodel=kernel) and linking at the upper 2G would require adding L4 support to pmap
<luckyluke>I'm tracing syscalls and RPC for now, I was also trying to create a core dump of a user task from gdb, but I need to write my own extension for that
<luckyluke><youpi> "you can use trace from the..." <- Is there a way to use the symbols in the loaded modules, or do we have to translate the addresses of all levels? Maybe kdb needs 64-bit enhancements also...