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<luckyluke>Shentino: as far as I understand the swapper thread only resumes previously swapped threads
<luckyluke>also I think there is no fallback pager in the kernel
<luckyluke>is there a way, booting with rumpdisk, to see the available devices?
<youpi>rumpdisk prints them at boot already
<youpi>after boot you can use devprobe and its -M option to tell it to use /dev/disk as master device port
<luckyluke>ok, then in my case it's probably not detected or enabled
<luckyluke>something like sudo devprobe -M /dev/disk part:1:device:wd0 ?
<youpi>wd0 simply
<youpi>not the whole storeio spec
<luckyluke>ok, I still can't find any disk. I have attached 2 IDE disks to qemu, one of which holds my rootfs and the other is an empty image
<luckyluke>should I maybe disable ide in the kernel, like with noide?
<youpi>if the kernel detects the disks, rumpdisk will disable its detection
<youpi>so disable ide form the kernel, yes
<luckyluke>ah, it seems I can't just move the disk image from ide to sata and adjust the root to sd0s1, then fsck still uses the old device... is there a way to override this?
<youpi>fix /etc/fstab
<luckyluke>ah, right
<luckyluke>but now after moving back the disk to ide it is detected as hd0 instead of hd2 :(
<luckyluke>ok changing the bus number I have hd2 again
<luckyluke>uhm with noide it seems also the sata disk is not probed... same with --disable-ide when configuring gnumach
<luckyluke>it seems the issue is some combination of chipset and/or bus, I tried using the same options as in damo22 presentation at fosdem and it works :)
<luckyluke>I was using libvirt's default configuration
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