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<littlebobeep>Hi, where can I read the history of Hurd.... is it true it was only started in 1990 even when GNU was first announced in 1983?
<littlebobeep>Also I am confused about how it started off, apparently there was decisions between Mach1 and Sprite and TRIX? When were these discussions taking place? Are there mailing list or usenet archives of these discussions?
<littlebobeep>I am not sure which kernel technology was advocated for by rms and which by Bushnell
<littlebobeep>I don't know where to find the discussions, so this part of history is unknown to me
<zamfofex>littlebobeep: It is not extensive, but there is a bit of history here: <>
<littlebobeep>zamfofex: Thank you so these original "Gnusletter" postings are nowhere to be found?
<littlebobeep>So does Hurd or at least GNU Mach actually have CMU code in it? I can't find license info on Mach (non-GNU)
<klys> the cmu mach3 page says their files are unlicensed.
<klys>on this page:
<Shentino>So, question. a) does the default pager (swapper) kick in if other pagers take too long? b) if so, can a "higher" pager pull pages back out of swap after the fact if they come up with a better place to stash it?
<youpi>I don't really know but from vague memory, a): yes, and b): no
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