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<gnucode>hello hurd!
<gnucode>youpi: I just got your email about technical proless not being a divine right. I am having some issues with the readily available qemu images though. I'm about to send an email your way about some of the issues that I am having. But basically it seems that on 1st boot the readily available qemu images, the ext2fs translator seems to crash forcing a reboot.
<gnucode>youpi: just sent the email. I wonder if the readily available images size of 5G is too small now?
<youpi>gnucode: is the file you extract really 5G?
<youpi>possibly people's tar program is getting surprised by the sparse format
<youpi>\ls -l debian-hurd-20220226.img
<youpi>-rw-r--r-- 1 samy samy 5243928576 26 févr. 11:48 debian-hurd-20220226.img
<youpi>it's supposed to be so
<gnucode>youpi: let me check...
<gnucode>youpi just extracted the debian-hurd.img.tar.gz
<gnucode>ls -lha
<gnucode>-rw-r--r-- 1 joshua users 4.9G Feb 26 05:48 debian-hurd-20220226.img
<gnucode>it looks like it's 4.9 G. I guess that's 5G.
<gnucode>I am running Guix System. Librebooted T400.
<gnucode>there was a new email in bug-hurd about resizing the image before I run it. I'll give that a try.
<gnucode>sakura works...
<gnucode>wsorry wrong channel
<gnucode>so it seems to work for me now. I have successfully logged in, ls works.
<gnucode>less translator_primer works too.
<gnucode>ping -c 3 -> 100% packet loss.
<gnucode>well let's add a user... that's always fun!
<gnucode>it's possible that I did NOT use the right command line options to enable networking... let's try to fix that.
<gnucode>ahaha. The text based hurd logo on login in cute. :)
<luckyluke>youpi: I tried building the samba test suite, following the message from the list... but it seems it fails:... (full message at
<luckyluke>I don't know the hurd enough to know if that's easy to fix or not... but it seems it's not tracked in the open issues in the wiki (or I couldn't find it)