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<damo22>youpi: it seems there is quite a lot of work to be done in rump upstream to include all the drivers, for example, the piixide and ahcisata config that i wrote needs to be refactored so that: (10:49:39) Riastradh: I would guess what you want is separate libraries libata, libwd, libahcisata, libpci_ahcisata, libpiixide, libpci_piixide.
<damo22>if we want more than just ahci and piix controller we need to add them as well
<damo22>no one is working on rump upstream they are just maintaining what is there
<damo22>(10:51:22) Riastradh: Really all of this wiring should be written down in only one place, not three (sys/**/files.*, sys/modules/*, sys/rump/dev/lib/lib*).
<damo22>so it seems there needs to be some refactoring of rump to make it a first class target
<youpi>hopefully that's just about makefiles
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