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<damo22>Thread 20 (Thread 759.20):
<damo22>#0 0x080fd5f2 in bus_space_read_1 (bst=0, bsh=49282, offset=0) at ./
<damo22>#1 0x08163d9b in pciide_irqack (chp=0x200be108) at ./
<damo22>why would reading an ioport be an illegal instruction?
<damo22>#define PCI_CFG2_START 0xc000
<damo22>#define PCI_CFG2_END 0xcfff
<damo22>its trying to read 0xc082
<damo22>youpi: why does qemu allocate 0xc000-0xcfff to ioports if it's part of PCI_CFG2
<damo22>is it a bug?
<damo22>i seemed to have figured out why piixide fails
<damo22>oh no, i got a page fault compiling rump
<damo22>while dh_install was running
<damo22>FYI my partition was not clean
<damo22>[ 10.6000050] wd0: drive supports PIO mode 4, DMA mode 2, Ultra-DMA mode 5 (Ultra/100)
<damo22>piixide0:0: unable to allocate table DMA map for drive 0, error=1
<damo22>[ 10.6100050] wd0(piixide0:0:0): using PIO mode 4
<damo22>demo@zamhurd:~/mountrump2$ sudo RUMP_VERBOSE=1 RUMP_NCPU=1 ./open-rump.ide /dev/wd0d
<damo22>found /dev/wd0d
<damo22>!!! YES
<damo22>ok piixide works but it reuses the wd0 device name
<damo22>maybe i can merge the two now!
<damo22>argh, the device names clas
<damo22>thats why i cant link them together
<damo22>Pellescours: hi, Ive been talking with Netbsd upstream, we need to separate the wd/cd driver into a separate lib and then we can link to it in piixide and ahcisata (as well as any other disk controller drivers)
<damo22>i can submit 2 rumpkernel patches that allows piixide not to crash
<damo22>but we still need to separate the disk driver from the controller driver
<damo22>ARGGH my provider's nameservers are down
<youpi>damo22: does it mean we cannot have all drivers in just one translator?
<damo22>my poor A records!
<youpi>it's odd that there'd be a name clash
<youpi>how does the netbsd kernel itself work this out?
<youpi>I guess people don't have to choose between ide and sata, and both can work at the same time?
<damo22>we can have all drivers in one translator, but we need to fix the linking and the ioconf
<damo22>the problem is that the disk driver (wd) and the controller drivers (ahcisata and piixide) share the wd
<youpi>what do you mean by "share the wd" ?
<damo22>so we need the configuration to be separated between disk and controller
<damo22>as far as i understand, the wdc.c and friends should be in a separate lib
<youpi>ah ok, just the file
<youpi>so yes a separate lib will work
<damo22>yes but the configuration cannot be specified in one file per driver, the ioconf needs to be refactored so that the wd* stuff is in the wd lib
<damo22>the pci configuration
<damo22>it should be simple if i can wrap my mind around it
<damo22>but my email is currently b0rked too, nameserver is down :(
<damo22>how can a domain name registrar have offline nameservers @.@
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