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<avim>Hi, I have a question regarding libfuse, Is there any way the caller (of fuse_main()/fuse_loop()) can be non-blocking or communicate with the operations implementation ? (e.g I want to trigger some action in the caller when getattr is happening)
<damo22>im not sure you need libfuse on hurd, for example you can run a translator on a node that basically mounts a filesystem, you just need the filesystem implementation
<damo22>for inspiration, you can look at hurd's ext2fs translator program
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<gnu_srs1>Hi, any ideas on OFF_T should be 32bit(long) or 64bit(long long) ? Compiling gdal fails due to that it is 32bit and 64bit is required.
<gnu_srs1>The definition of OFF_T to long is made in the build of cfitsio.