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<AlmuHS>finally, i've found the problem which cause the kernel panic in my smp kernel. At least, in part. Simply, the cpus are not being enabled
<AlmuHS>i've changed the "started cpu X" prints to the functions which are executed from assembly initial routine. And now these prints isn't showed
<AlmuHS>added to this, i've added this line in the loop which starts the IPI sending for each cpu
<AlmuHS>while(machine_slot[cpu].running != TRUE);
<AlmuHS>And the while never finish
<AlmuHS>by any reason, the assembly initial routine isn't been executed
<AlmuHS>here is my code
<AlmuHS>i don't know if the problem is that the IPI doesn't reach the destination cpu, or the vector (the routine address) is bad specified
<AlmuHS>IPI sending is here:
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