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<Guest7657>Hello! Does Debian/Hurd support firmware for thinkpad x230?
<youpi>it doesn't support firmware at all
<Guest7657>even open source firmware?
<damo22>open source is a tautology, all source code is available, it depends what terms you are provided or not provided it
<youpi>Guest7657: loading firmware is not supported
<youpi>so being open doesn't change it
<youpi>as usual: it's a matter of taking the time to implement it, contribution welcome!
<damo22>or perhaps he meant does hurd support booting from x230 native machine
<damo22>the answer is yes, but ethernet is not working yet
<Guest7657>thank you!
<Guest7657>usb boot steak need to be created with dd command, right?
<Guest7657>sorry for poor english please
<biblio>Guest7657: as far I remember usb stick doesn't work. You better run with qemu or use cdrom.
<AwesomeAdam54321>Guest7657: Yes, or you can use any ISO burning program like xorriso and xfburn
<AwesomeAdam54321>since USB isn't supported yet on the HURD, it won't work though
<youpi>it will work with the mini.iso image only
<Guest7657>mini.iso? From which url? there this image does not exist
<youpi>you have one in latest/ instead of stable/:
<Guest7657>"No network interface detected" is caused by lacks of ethernet firmware?
<biblio>Guest7657: are you using qemu or real hardware ?
<Guest7657>biblio: real hardware
<biblio>Guest7657: ok
<Guest7657>May be dvd.iso works offline correctly?
<youpi>yes, cd.iso will as well
<youpi>as a reminder, there are README files in there
<youpi>they explain such kind of things