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<damo22>youpi: what about settrans /dev/rumpdisk /usr/bin/gdb -ex "target remote :1234" -l0 /hurd/rumpdisk.static
<damo22>do i need a gdbserver to access that?
<damo22>or can i use --tty=/dev/com0
<damo22>so i could get a gdb shell on com0 for the translator?
<youpi>damo22: -tty is not for gdb but for the program
<youpi>you could try to use settrans -a /dev/rumpdisk etc. ; sleep 1h
<youpi>is it really the initialization that you want to debug?
<youpi>also, did you see the "debugging translators" entry in the faq ?
<damo22>youpi: when i link rumpdisk with librumpdev_piixide instead of ahcisata, it crashes on probing the ide controller quite early, i need to debug it
<damo22>if i can get a backtrace it will help
<damo22>ahh settrans -P
<damo22>thank god for that
<damo22>argh it is failing too early for -P
<damo22>i think its dying at rump_init()
<damo22>how hard would it be to create a gdb translator?
<damo22>basically i want to intercept a translator with gdb and have a way to control it
<damo22>the only reason i cant use gdb itself is because the default tty is not accessible
<Pellescours>damo22: try to remove the if that force rump to be started as a translator and do a simple gdb rumpdisk.static
<Pellescours>If it’s really a pure rump_init() problem, you’ll should be abld to debug it like this
<damo22>good point but we really should be able to debug translators more easily
<damo22>eg: settrans /dev/rumpdisk /usr/bin/gdbserver /hurd/rumpdisk.static
<damo22>and then connect to gdbserver via gdb target remote
<Pellescours>I agree
<damo22>r2 can do a backtrace
<damo22>im going to bed
<damo22>r2 can also connect to itself over tcp
<damo22>radare2 also provides its own gdbserver implementation:
<luckyluke>damo22: maybe this old patch can help you:
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