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<youpi>damo22: aow no, sorry the filesystem is clean actually
<youpi>I should have read more carefully, I had just assumed the same kind of bugs we had previously
<youpi>it's actually "just" e2fsck confused and trying to fsck the root in the non-root fsck pass
<youpi>apparently that's because mtab doesn't translate part:x:device:y
<youpi>I'll add that, that should fix things
<youpi>and then we'll have a debian installer that works with rumpdisk :D
<youpi>damo22: ok, it's now sorted out, sorry for the noise. adding the shutdown notification was really needed, but I hadn't noticed that after adding it the message had changed subtly :)
<damo22>oh good
<damo22>its not noise, it's all helpful debugging
<damo22>lol i flashed my bios and killed grub because i rebooted too quickly
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