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<youpi>sobkas: when it's ready
<sobkas>there is already grub2 patch that uses it
<sobkas>I just can't build grub2 on hurd
<sobkas>Patch itself: (not mine)
<damo22>sobkas: ive not tried to build grub2 on hurd before
<damo22>maybe you need to apt-get build-dep
<sobkas>I will try it tomorrow
<youpi>can't people just wait for things to get available in repositories?
<youpi>things will just land
<youpi>asking for everything to come out right now right now is just sucking up people's time
<Pellescours>sobkas: or you can do like me, update manually your grub.cfg to use rump
<youpi>the more people are asking that way, the less I'm inclined to make any announcements
<sobkas>I'm just interested in hurd, should I not build software on it to have fun with new features?
<youpi>well you can but either you'll be on your own, or you'll be asking for help and thus we'll have to take time to help you
<youpi>while things would just work automatically once we have everything set up
<youpi>so in the end the most efficient way is to just wait
<youpi>I'm sorry being harsh, I undestand it's exciting to try new features
<youpi>but "bleeding edge" takes its name for a reason
<sobkas>Did I asked for help? I only stated what happened when I tried build it, I will more than likely build it next day on my own
<youpi>ok then I'll just ignore
<damo22>sobkas: its not a bug then, it will land in the repositories in a day or so
<youpi>sorry again for being harsh, but yes your writing on irc does look like a request for help
<youpi>so either I answer, or I just ignore
<sobkas>More than likely a broken hurd disk image, I will try it again on a fresh one
<damo22>sobkas: you cant expect the disk image to be up to date to bleeding edge if the packages havent even landed yet
<sobkas>You can update it with apt, it's not that hard
<damo22>yes but the packages have not landed in the repos
<youpi>really, it's a matter of waiting about 6h
<sobkas>hurd with rumpdisk landed, and if it didn't there is no problem with building it myself
<youpi>hurd with rumpdisk is there for months already
<sobkas>having experimental software is fun
<damo22>feel free to experiment
<damo22>and if you wait another day you wont need to compile anything
<sobkas>But there were patches for gnumach and hurd fixing it recently, friday? and I also think that there was a new package for hurd and gnumach that probably contained it?
<sobkas>can't check it right now
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<sobkas>good night, time to sleep
<curiosa>hello, I updated debian hurd and now rumpdisk is loaded at startup, how do I start to use it?
<youpi>curiosa: by telling the kernel not to enable ide drivers
<youpi>but then grub will not be fine
<youpi>and you'll have to fix fstab etc.
<youpi>so not a simple thing
<curiosa>what about /dev , would I also have to fix that?
<youpi>it's already all set
<curiosa>what is the option to disable ide drivers in gnumach?
<curiosa>ext2fs: device:wd0s2: no such device or address
<youpi>yes, you need to use the parted naming
<curiosa>you mean /dev/hd0s2 ?
<youpi> /dev/ doesn't exist at that point
<curiosa>ah makes sense
<youpi>I mean part2:device:wd0
<curiosa>I tried root=part:2:device:wd0 noide
<curiosa>still ext2fs: no such device or address
<youpi>please paste the whole message
<curiosa>so, there is lots of logs from the pci arbiter
<youpi>also check that you do see wd0 initialization
<youpi>the pci arbiter doesn't print anything
<youpi>rumpdisk does
<curiosa>ok it rumpdisk probably
<curiosa>it says IDE not configured`
<youpi>again, paste the whole thing
<youpi>being "not configured" doesn't mean it can't be used
<curiosa>it's virtualbox
<curiosa>hope imgur works for you
<youpi>ok then dunno
<youpi>I don't remember if the ide drivers were added to rumpdisk, actually
<youpi>damo22 probably knows
<youpi>you can probably tell virtuallbox to use ahci instead
<curiosa>yes I can try
<youpi>or some other sata supported by rumpdisk
<curiosa>wow, works!!
<curiosa>thank you
<curiosa>this means that rumpdisk is not compatible with virtualbox ICH6, this is not an issue for me of course
<youpi>probably it's just missing linking in the ide driver
<Pellescours>you also need to update the fstab
<curiosa>I did that
<curiosa>how do you read the rumpdisk logs
<curiosa>they are not in dmesg
<Pellescours>they are displayed in the console during boot but otherwise I don’t know
<youpi>I don't think they are saved anywhere
<curiosa>I'm trying to fix the cdrom
<youpi>most often you can just use a serial port and save them on the host side
<youpi>the cdrom part is another problem
<youpi>qemu has a bug, bsd has a bug
<youpi>ask damo22 for the details
<curiosa>ok, no probs
<curiosa>how do you tell gnumach to use the serial port for console?
<youpi>or something like that
<youpi>it's all explained in the wiki, in the gnumach documentation, etc.
<damo22>currently rumpdisk is not linked with the piixide driver, but if it was, it might get confused when ide and ahci are both present, i dont know
<damo22>i havent tested that