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<janneke>so...there's a #fosdem-microkernel devroom chat that's still pretty silent
<mbanck>well, the devroom is still closed for another two minutes
<mbanck>also, those streaming links haven't worked for me so far
<mbanck>(nm, my bad)
<janneke>up now: Up next: A practical solution for GNU/Hurd's lack of drivers: NetBSD's rumpkernel framework
<mbanck>damo22: great talk!
<teythoon>I agree, good talk :)
<janneke>damo22: thanks!
<youpi>damo22: yay :)
<damo22>I think the Q&A failed on the fosdem side sorry about that, i was busy answering the questions from the host but no one saw it
<youpi>uh :/
<youpi>I was wondering wether you were there indeed, so I answered
<damo22>actually they might have the video of the q&a im not sure if that will be published in the video
<damo22>we'll see i guess
<damo22>teythoon: i have seen your nick before in old Hurd IRC logs, welcome
<teythoon>damo22: thanks :)
<teythoon>so cool to see hurd booting from rumpdisk
<damo22>yes! and not only the old 7.99 rump from 2019, but the latest rump 9.99.x (-current) netbsd
<damo22>when we solve a couple of minor issues, i think we are getting close to "rm -fr linux/" in gnumach
<damo22>one of the questions from the
<damo22>one of the questions from the host was regarding async i/o, and how that would be managed in a microkernel model
<damo22>i wasnt sure how to answer it, but that we had thought about the problem and documented a TODO in the code
<youpi>yes, inside rump that's it
<youpi>there is also async io from the point of view of the application (aio_read), that can simply be request/reply decoupling
<youpi>just like select does it for instance
<damo22>gnite, its getting a little late here
<teythoon>wow, getting rid of the linux drivers in gnumach would be quite a step
<ThinkT510>as regards async I/O the managarm project is interesting to look at. I enjoyed their presentation at fossdem