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<gnu_srs>There are problems with ps too: ps -feM|less; root 5 2 2hrs ? Related to the rumpdisk stuff? damo22 had problems with process #5. Or was it #6??
<gnu_srs>cat /proc/5/stat; cat: /proc/5/stat: Input/output error
<damo22>gnu_srs: are you observing these things on your cross builds or on a standard build?
<gnu_srs>damo22: On three standard boxes up-to-date
<damo22>so debian-hurd
<damo22>i should probably do a clean install in a vm
<damo22>how did you install one of your systems
<damo22>did you use the installer on empty disk?
<gnu_srs>All are old images upgraded.
<gnu_srs>youpi: FYI: cat /proc/5/stat; cat: /proc/5/stat: Input/output error
<gnu_srs> ps -feM|less; root 5 2 2hrs ?
<youpi>iirc damo22 was looking at the issue
<youpi>it's ext2fs or such
<damo22>rumpdisk was exhibiting that problem but i cant recall if we fixed it completely
<damo22>this channel doesnt get much traffic usually
<damo22>but youre welcome to participate
<damo22>im giving a talk on hurd at fosdem'22 as i mentioned
<labrador>Oh thats cool. I didn't know about fosdem before
<damo22>oh yeah, its a great conference
<damo22>ive never been there but i hear only good things
<damo22>this year its virtual, probably because of covid
<labrador>Do they allow non invitees to join?
<damo22>most likely anyone can watch the talks
<labrador>yeah then I'll be watching!
<damo22>5 & 6 feb
<damo22>if you want to see my talk on hurd, it will be here
<slex>youpi: ty for the reply, probably i will prepare a reply email showing that the things seem to works, also previously the mail i was trying to use the value (e.g: --kernel-task='${kernel-task}' with kernel-task 3 because passed as third port) and it wasn't working, probably i was wronging something on the laptot and not here, i will check before the mail. Doing then task_set_bootstrap_port(3 (saved in a variable and value taken by the
<slex>argumet lists), mach_task_self()) and then task_get_bootstrap_port and printing it, it prints 4, while before i had errors code
<slex>so in this way i should have set the kernel_task bootstrap port to the nameserver task port
<youpi>yes please answer that it seems to work, so that further people will know it's ok
<biblio>damo22: please let me know if you have any comments on last patch for libacpica.