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<slex>well i go see you
<crll>hello tester, daily builds don't support x86-64
<crll>debian hurd
<crll>everything else fine
<crll>it is glorious
<damo22> crll, hi, not sure what you mean, but hurd isnt fully ported to x86_64 yet afaik
<Curiosa>Hello all, 15 years ago the Hurd was working on ppc and on top of osfmk, with a full patch set still available.  What are the chances that these patches still work?
<Curiosa>Last time I checked, pure Darwin was working on ARM64, and I wonder if with some hacking to reenable deprecated Mach apis one could run the Hurd as a Darwin app
<luckyluke>you'd need to adapt libc at least I guess, and the bootstrap part
<luckyluke>but you could have, for example, a filesystem server that just maps to unix syscalls, and easily share some folders
<slex>luckyluke: ty for helping me yesterday but it was late here and i was really tired
<luckyluke>slex: no problem, did you solve your issue with task and bootstrap ports?