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<biblio>luckyluke: I was able to compile your new change and got initial boot text.
<biblio>luckyluke: from my experience - many python2 test frameworks are now deprecated for python3. How many years it would take to abandon python3 and jump to python4 ! So, I would rather suggest bash or perl script.
<damo22>pytest exists for py3
<damo22>the plugin exists on py3 too
<biblio>damo22: I did minor improvements on libacpica. I will send you update.
<biblio>damo22: for qemu now it will be fine. I mean how many years we can use this test code if python3 replaced by python4. Just my personal opinion.
<damo22>if its a simple test, you could use bash sure
<biblio>damo22: I followed acpi API doc but could not get bus correct. I sent you current progress.
<damo22>ok thanks
<damo22>biblio: your v2 patch applies instead of the v1 right?
<biblio>damo22: yes.
<damo22>ok cool
<biblio>damo22: i will send you a polished version after your feedback. Now, it will help you understand the issue of getting bus.
<damo22>if it matches on dev and func, i think it already applies to the bus?
<damo22>because you filtered on the bus already
<damo22>im not sure why there are two loops to iterate over the devices, the first loop should restrict to one device, the one you want?
<biblio>damo22: I am not 100% sure. Need to more ACPI doc. Oh that one is only for debugging.
<biblio>damo22: I am wondering why we are getting bus always 0. Is there anything wrong with API call you think !
<damo22>no i think the qemu only has bus 0 in the device tree
<damo22>on real hardware you get different buses
<biblio>damo22: ok I can try on a real laptop.
<damo22>not always, but sometimes
<damo22>check your lspci on the hardware
<damo22>then you can find out what the expected bus numbers are
<biblio>damo22: yes you are right 00: for all b/
<biblio>damo22: ok then it works. I fixed minor allocation issue and order of ACPI initialization based on their doc.
<biblio>damo22: ok. Then I will finalize the code soon.
<damo22>i might compile SMP and everything with acpi
<damo22>see if it can mount a rump disk with acpi to fetch the irq
<biblio>damo22: sure ok.
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