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<slex>hello, guys it seems that if i don't put the send right to the port using mach_port_insert_right, mach_register_port + mach_ports_lookups are not working. Inserting the right and then using that 2 calls finally it prints 55 0 0 0
<slex>the other 3 ports set to 0 should be the ones described by the tradition mach documentation. NAMSE-SERVER_SLOT, ENVIRONMENT_SLOT, SERVICE_PORT. one shoiuld be a special port
<slex>I also made some progresses making the mach4 i have to build with modern compilers, I;d just liek to try the shuttle on there. But it is a bit annoying fixing the build, there are some obsolete option like -I- making dirty stuff, the seg fault was fixed by -m32 (yes who made that project didn't checked to make 32 bit code on 64 bit host environments)
<slex>or shuttles I think is the right name
<slex>I could setup a github repo and puit onlien the current building status, if someone is interested helping on making it build again and experiment with a fresh system for shuttle, at least to see what status they reached when they implemented them. Working, not working or semi-working
<slex>sry for my typos :(
<slex>yes shuttles
<ThinkT510>what is that?
<slex>mach 4 should be able to take a task thread and put it in another task, that is called shuttles
<slex>probably it would be better to compile it with a 32 bit cross gcc that i have, but those makefiles are a bit messy
<curiosa>Alex: sure if you setup a GitHub repo I’ll give it a try
<curiosa>But I’m wondering if it wouldn’t be more easy to port the shuttles feature to gnumach instead
<curiosa>It should be the same codebase
<curiosa>Also I think you can already create threads in another task in gnumach as long as you have the task kernel port
<curiosa>I wonder how could you move a thread, since any code is related to some resources and those belong to tasks
<slex>curiosa: I think that features was never used in the mach variants that shares code with mach 4 (apple osfmk). Porting would be nice, but it at Utah did not reached an usable status would be the port a good effort?
<slex>it = if
<slex>i mean not working code to a working kernel.
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