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<slex>hello, my experiments are going on and today spent some hours reading the code of gnumach and finally seems, i'm not sure becasue still non tested, got how it set and get from hurd and glibc the host_priv_port
<slex>I also tried to make openmach to build again on recent compilers, it was building in 2014, I didn't have so luck
<slex>an annoying problem during build comping from the lexxer file, probably because it is too old?
<slex>(lexxer in the mig)
<slex>lexxer.c:(.text+0x2947): undefined reference to `yywrap'
<curiosa>slex: oh that error seems fixable
<curiosa>by the way what is the point of using an outdated mach? You can implement an alternative namespace server also on gnumach
<slex>-lfl fixed that but now there is a segfault during buildinh. No reason, just experiments :)
<slex>I have to go now
<curiosa>ok bye :)
<slex>i will see tomorrow for the seg fault by