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<gnu_srs1>damo22: I don't find any commits to, no longer updated?
<damo22>gnu_srs1: look in the branches
<damo22>i might not have synced master for a while
<damo22>biblio: can i send you a private message?
<biblio>damo22: sure
<slex>youpi: hello, using mach_ports_lookup, it returns a count of 4 ports but they are all set to 0
<slex>on mach_task_self()
<youpi>I don't think the Hurd uses that
<slex>yes me too :( indeed on the trad mach they also have NAME_SERVER_SLOT ENVIRONMENT_SLOT SERVICE_SLOT.
<slex>these are not present in gnumach, hurd and glibc, i just checked
<slex>hmm i spent too much time on traditional mach code and doumentation
<curiosa>mach_ports_register still working? Even if Hurd doesn’t use that I don’t see why it would be broken?
<curiosa>This is how it works for macOS : the first task (launchd) starts with a null bootstrap port, allocates a port and sets it as the bootstrap port for the tasks it spawns.
<curiosa>XPC uses mach_ports_register and mach_ports_lookup
<curiosa>slex: maybe interesting for you, I found this Hello World for Hurd that doesn’t use any glibc for the startup boilerplate. You can check that out, particularly interesting is start.c
<curiosa>It’s still using Hurd (not just gnumach)
<slex>Iḿ getting confused, however ty it will be usefull
<slex>getting confused because, that defines, NAME_SERVER_SLOT, if i understood were declared in a library called libmach i think, so they should be set in a library
<slex>i neeed to understand hoiw they were setting, because i saw that in glibc there are 2 ports host_priv_port and devise_prive_port (i could wrong something in the name) that are set in the glibc
<slex>but they are initilized in gnimach bootstrap.c
<slex>this 2 ports should acts like the old NAME_SERVER_SLOT port and friends
<slex>static mach_port_t boot_device_port; /* local name */
<slex>static mach_port_t boot_host_port; /* local name */
<slex>these are the ones in gnumach, i need to learn how they are getted in userland also because they are declared static
<slex>not pretty sure, unfortunately the traditional Machs confused me, and unfortunately there are not traditional mach3 or ofmk that build on modern compiler to do some comparison :(
<slex>or at least i dunno if they exists
<curiosa>slex maybe you could share your developments it would be cool
<curiosa>Also did you look at my link? It’s much simpler than glibc
<slex>yes i looked, but i don't today i will so much :); if i will share the code if i reach something that make sense
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