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<ArneBab>Is the publishing of the wiki broken? I do not see this change on the website: — see (missing: '(including video)')
<youpi>the publishing of the wiki on is done by hand by tschwinge
<ArneBab>it looks like something got lost — i.e. is not there
<ArneBab>thank you!
<damo22>youpi: i dont think its a good idea for me to mail patches in for librump, it has a huge new tarball, but its all here
<damo22>as mentioned here
<ArneBab>I now blogged about the checkperms translator: — it’s cool to see what’s actually practicable to build!
<Pellescours>youpi: in gnumach, ares the files util/putcharsh{h,c} and util/puts.c used ?
<youpi>Pellescours: possibly, depending whether gcc optimizes printfs into puts
<Pellescours>youpi: it seems to be used, the pagefault I had when removing linux disapeared when I restored the puts & putchar files
<Guest51>I would like to to contribute to GNU hurd porject but I don't know where to start; therefore I joined this irc to ask what steps should I take to be able to develop HURD which books should I read or content
<damo22>Pellescours: maybe check all the warnings in gnumach compilation? if the symbol is missing wont it complain?
<damo22>how would it even link
<Pellescours>I don’t know but when I restored the files, my gnumach stops to page fault
<Pellescours>and otherwise I’m running in a gnumach without a piece of linux inside :D
<damo22>git grep for the symbols
<Pellescours>I just have 1 issue when I poweroff but I don’t know why yet
<Pellescours>wait actually I just removed it again and re-tested, and it worked… So the panic was not related to this and a recent gnumach commit seems to have fix the real issue
<damo22>ok sounds better
<Pellescours>I checked in the gnumach binary (build with the files), puts and putchars are not in, so we can remove them safely
<damo22>maybe there is a way to use the linker that drops unused symbols
<damo22>then you can run nm and see which ones are not needed
<Pellescours>oh yeah probably
<damo22>by comparing to previous one
<Pellescours>damo22: do you have an idea of why the read timeout when I poweroff? It’s a bit anoying because the poweroff is long and at the end ext2fs crashes and instead of shuting down the vm reboots
<damo22>read timeout?
<damo22>mine unmounts i think
<Pellescours>I posted a message yesterday about it
<Pellescours>wd0d: device timeout reading fsbn 2491836 of 2491836-2491839 (wd0 bn 2491836; cn 2472 tn 0 sn 60) retrying
<damo22>hmm not sure
<Pellescours>it appears just after DHCPRELEASE … and after theses logs it says that ext2fs crashed
<damo22>sounds like an interrupt issue?
<Pellescours>I though to this to but I don’t know how I can investigate since it’s during poweroff and I don’t have a shell at this step
<damo22>you could try simulating releasing the net irq
<damo22>see if the disk irq is affected
<Pellescours>how do I do this?
<damo22>uhh, somehow stop using the net translator?
<Pellescours>I will try to mount another disk and unmount it to see if it happens
<damo22>kill netdde?
<damo22>but you want it to shutdown the netdde clean i think
<damo22>or maybe just kill it and wait for the timeout on the irq
<Pellescours>killing netdde makes appear a message about an undelivered irq
<damo22>that is the last net irq
<Pellescours>and the netdde actualy still running
<damo22>ah it probably restarted
<Pellescours>settrans -s /dev/netdde <<< resource busy
<damo22>im not sure
<damo22>was the undelivered irq the net one?
<damo22>or a disk one
<Pellescours>I don’t know and I scratch my term
<damo22>it should print the number
<Pellescours>I rebooted and I didn’t had the read timeout issue
<damo22>maybe it was related to your gnumach?
<Pellescours>no, it appears with the packaged gnumach too
<damo22>have we confirmed that interrupts are working correctly in librump 9.99?
<damo22>i mean, all i did was compile and mount it
<damo22>maybe attach gdb to rumpdisk and see if you can find the interrupt thread etc
<damo22>but you cant boot off the same disk
<Pellescours>I will mount another disk using rumpdisk and use ide for /
<damo22>you could compile pci-userspace with the debug flag
<damo22>that would print something on the console before and after each disk interrupt