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***DiffieHellman is now known as tell
***tell is now known as DiffieHellman
<biblio>damo22: I was able to find the root cause. outb(value, acpi_io_address) but currently we are passing outb(acpi_io_address, value) which is wrong.
<biblio>damo22: now it is possible to call acpi_enable_subsystem(~ACPI_NO_ACPI_ENABLE) initialize without interrupt
<biblio>damo22: acpi_os_write_port(...) impl
<biblio>Pellescours: :)
<ArneBab>I have a trivfs translator — can I reply to a read by directly passing the read to the underlying node? (transparent access)
<youpi>see how trans/fakeroot.c does it
<youpi>the simpler is to rather do like the remap translator (on lookup, give the client a port to the underlying node, so everything else is transparent), but if you want to interpose some RPCs on the nodes, you'll have to forward like fakeroot does
<ArneBab>youpi: thank you!
<ArneBab>youpi: I’m building a translator that can ask the user to add permission to a process at runtime so I can limit access on OS level — something like the browser asking whether I allow access to the microphone, but on OS level, so I don’t have to trust FF.
<youpi>nice :)
<biblio>damo22: sample patch for acpica-nothread branch