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<damo22>biblio: i did mean the tip of the branch
<biblio>damo22: acpi: Add new RPCs commit you mean ?
<damo22>whatever is latest on acpica-integrate
<biblio>damo22: yes I tried to compile but getting compile error.
<damo22>what is the error
<biblio>damo22: well i was able to fix some of them but finally. I got many u32 UNIT64 not found. Let me generate the error again after reset. I was trying to fix it.
<biblio>damo22: i think you have extra ../ in for +acpi_S.h
<damo22>ah i think that is non-portable, i usually build in different directory to the source
<damo22>so yes it depends where you build your tree
<biblio>damo22: I was able to fix this minor issue. I saw from acpi that we need iASL compiler to compile. I am still not clear about their documentation.
<damo22>no i dont think we need iASL
<biblio>damo2: I am sending you error output shortly. now building...
<damo22>we are not writing the firmware
<damo22>only compiling the parser
<biblio>damo22: ok
<damo22>we want to be able to walk the ACPI tree within existing firmware and extract just the IRQ mappings
<damo22>so we need the AML parser
<biblio>damo22: did you able to build the commit ? Just curious, if I am doing something wrong.
<damo22>let me try
<damo22>biblio: i was able to build libacpica.a
<damo22>mkdir build && cd build && ../configure && cd libacpica && make
<biblio>damo22: I am first running $ autoconf then $./configure then $ make
<damo22>i always build hurd out of tree from the source
<biblio>damo22: it worked.
<damo22>hmm but building the acpi translator fails
<biblio>damo22: i saw the duplicate definitions in acpi.h and acpi_S.h
<biblio>damo22: you include acpi.h but also add acpi_S.h in makefile. I am still trying to understand.
<damo22>acpi_S.h is a server include
<damo22>mach interface generator (mig) generates the *_S.h things
<biblio>damo22: ok
<damo22>it saves time and effort writing the RPC interfaces by hand
<biblio>damo22: ok could you suggest what can I do as next steps.
<biblio>damo22: yes I agree.
<damo22>biblio: i am trying to compile the acpi translator and link with libacpica.a
<damo22>something is broken though
<biblio>damo22: ok
<damo22>its probably the makefile
<damo22>in acpi/Makefile
<damo22>ahh its a bit tricky, let me paste something
<biblio>damo22: ok
<damo22>that should allow the acpi translator to be built with libacpica
<biblio>damo22: testing
<damo22>i think acpi_init.c is still not quite ready
<damo22>i had trouble with the locking/threading
<damo22>i have another version that runs single threaded and no locks
<damo22>it seems to work
<damo22>do you want me to push that commit?
<biblio>damo22: i can understand basic concepts of it. could also send me a link of single threaded one. so I can compare.
<damo22>so you can try a fully working example
<biblio>damo22: yes sure.
<damo22>ok i pushed two more branches
<damo22>with a commit in each on top
<damo22>one is trying to fix the threading, the other one makes it single threaded
<biblio>damo22: I got 'acclib.h' error.
<biblio>damo22: ok noted
<damo22>sorry you'll need to figure it out from here
<damo22>bed time
<biblio>damo22: I am using debian-hurd-20210812.img
<damo22>sounds reasonable as a dev env
<biblio>damo22: sure i will try with acpica-nothread
<damo22>you could try upgrading the packages in the debian-hurd
<biblio>damo22: ok
<damo22>but for this task its probably not necessary
<biblio>damo22: ok i will test after updating
<damo22>you only need libacpica.a and acpi translator
<damo22>to build and test that
<damo22> probably for dynamic lib
<biblio>damo22: debian hurd it is up-to-date.
<biblio>damo22: ok
<damo22>good luck, night, merry xmas
<biblio>damo22: merry xmas. thanks.