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<natewrench123456>hi will gnu hurd move to GPLv3+ once it hits v1.0?
<damo22>ArneBab: getpid() ?
<ArneBab>damo22: doesn’t that give the PID of the current process?
<damo22>oh right
<ArneBab>damo22: I’m in a translator and I receive a port and I’m stuck on getting the PID of the other side
<ArneBab>(but thank you for answering!)
<damo22>im not quite sure how to get the parent process exactly but i recall doing something like that in libmachdev
<damo22>( a hurd library)
<ArneBab>there is getppid(), does that give the calling process?
<damo22>i dont know sorry but sounds reasonable
<damo22>natewrench123456: i dont know when, but we are trying to finish the disk driver so we can remove all linux/ gpl2-only from gnumach
<natewrench123456>i thought the gnu hurd was not linux so it didnt use linux code
<damo22>yes but to bootstrap it so it has drivers it was "borrowed"
<damo22>the plan is not to use it
<damo22>in practice, only the disk driver is left from linux but im working to fix that
<damo22>its quite difficult to boot a system from 100% userspace drivers
<ArneBab>damo22: thank you still!
<natewrench123456>i downloaded debian gnu hurd and am trying it out in virtualbox the 3 dvds
<natewrench123456>damo22, thats cool, once we get that out of the way then all we need is hardware support
<natewrench123456>damo22, have you looked into borrowing code from freebsd or the bsds?
<damo22>yep we are using rump framework from netbsd
<damo22>disk is probably the most difficult to finish because you need disk to boot the ios
<damo22>once that is stable and works, we can move to other drivers
<natewrench123456>damo22, did you run into a problem with the /hurd/random? I am installing debian hurd in virtualbox but it says "Failed to read random seed file /var/lib/random-seed (system kern) error with unknown subsystem" It doesnt look like a fatal error just a warning its still going...
<damo22>i dont use virtualbox, so i couldnt say, i know hurd works in qemu
<natewrench123456>damo22, i have trouble getting it to work in QEMU so i rely on virtualbox because in QEMU it just downloads a ton of packages from the net and it just hangs
<damo22>did you try the latest installer image?
<damo22>maybe your disk partition is too small?
<natewrench123456>damo22, im using the i386 debian hurd 3 DVD
<damo22>see the topic for images
<damo22>there is a preinstalled image you can try
<damo22>it just runs with qemu
<natewrench123456>yes i found it
<natewrench123456>it is only 384MB it must be a net install one i tried using
<natewrench123456>oh i found the plain one...
<damo22>youpi: what do you think of this as a talk outline?
<youpi>damo22: nice :)
<youpi>don't forget the demo step ;)
<Pellescours>I tried to compile rump with virtio but I get a strange error, a symbol is defined twice in the final lib but I absolutely don’t understand why that’s happens, the function is written only once
<rekado_>Pellescours: is that something you can mitigate with “-fcommon”?
<Pellescours>I don’t think so, I think I found the spot
<Pellescours>somewhere they include a .c file, and I think there is a missing guard header
<Pellescours>Ok, I success to compile rump with virtio :D
<Pellescours>damo22: can virtio be usefull or not? If yes I sent you the patch
<Pellescours>camm: yes?
<alextee[m]>damo22: are you gonna present that somewhere?
<Pellescours>in fossdem I think
<alextee[m]>nice looking forward to it
<haguza>Is rumpdisk running an almost full netbsd kernel as a single process under the hood?
<damo22>alextee[m]: yeah, fosdem'22 is a virtual conference this time
<damo22>I doubt i would travel to Belgium just to give a talk, Australia is pretty far away...
<alextee[m]>Ah maybe its a good chance to present zrythm
<alextee[m]>Are they taking applications still?
<damo22>i think so
<alextee[m]>Looks like it
<damo22>i havent submitted mine yet
<damo22>i need to get a photo of myself
<damo22>i mean you get to submit the abstract first and then you get more time to upload the video once accepted
<alextee[m]>Oh its prerecorded?
<alextee[m]>I was expecting it to be live
<alextee[m]>Thats even better then
<damo22>yes i think so
<damo22>at least the devroom ones are
<alextee[m]>No audio devroom lol
<alextee[m]>Everyone always forgets audio
<alextee[m]>Such a small community
<alextee[m]>Id expect pipewire at least