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<damo22>Pellescours: i'll work on it now, see if i can get my tree up to scratch
<damo22>based on your patches
<damo22>Pellescours: your patches applied perfectly to my tree, thanks so much! I'm doing a full rebuild now
<damo22>I will push your changes to soon
<damo22>woot it linked -rwxr-xr-x 1 demo demo 5182756 Dec 18 16:13 rumpdisk.static
<damo22>youpi: 6 root 18 -2 400568 268752 0 S 0.0 12.8 0:02.35 rumpdisk
<damo22>that is with new rumpdisk and mlockall
<damo22>fdisk: libblkid/src/probe.c:687: blkid_probe_get_buffer: Assertion `bf->off <= r
<damo22>eal_off' failed.
<damo22>i was also using rwd0d
<damo22>if i dont use the char device, i get: Hurd server bootstrap: ext2fs[part:2:device:wd0] exec startupext2fs: ../../ext2fs/pager.c:1302: diskfs_get_filemap: Assertion '((((node->dn_stat.st_mode)) & 0170000) == (0040000)) || ((((node->dn_stat.st_mode)) & 0170000) == (0100000)) || (((((node->dn_stat.st_mode)) & 0170000) == (0120000)))' failed.
<damo22># cat /etc/mtab 2>&1 |grep wd0
<damo22>part:2:device:wd0 / ext2fs writable,relatime,no-inherit-dir-group,store-type=typed 0 0
<damo22>/dev/wd0s3 /part3 /hurd/ext2fs writable,relatime,no-inherit-dir-group 0 0
<damo22>booted off rump and have another partition mounted
<damo22>without mlockall: 6 root 18 -2 400568 5656 0 S 0.0 0.3 0:02.46 rumpdisk
<Pellescours>When I boot gnumach without ahci_sata, and I start parted I get a segfault
<Pellescours>Parted works perfectly fine when ahci_sata is in gnumack
<Pellescours>how do you generate the /hurd/rump.static and /hurd/rump ?
<Pellescours>damo22: when I tried to poweroff my machine I got a "wd0d: device timeout at fsbn 2491836 of 2491836-2491839 (wd0 bn 2491386; cn 2472 tn 0 sn 60), retrying
<Pellescours>after multiple prints the machine stops
<Pellescours>and during boot, fsck says it exited with code 1
<Pellescours>but otherwise hurd with rumpdisk is working
<Pellescours>Actually I was probably running the wrong rumpdisk version
<ArneBab>If I have a mach_port_t (reply port) in trivfs_S_io_read, is there an easy way to get the PID of the calling process?