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<andrzejku>I just watched
<andrzejku>why there is hurd then if NetBSD follows microkernel architecture too
<andrzejku>and it is more popular?
<rekado_>andrzejku: the microkernel alone is not all that interesting. It’s the set of servers on top of the microkernel.
<rekado_>the Hurd is a set of servers on top of a microkernel that together provide a Unix-like persona
<andrzejku>rekado_, yes I get it
<andrzejku>rekado_, is it a big difference between NetBSD servers and Hurd?
<pingpongball>oh man hurd ,
<haguza>andrzejku: NetBSD is not very popular
<haguza>GNU/Linux is much more popular
<haguza>Hurd is the kernel of GNU
<haguza>even FreeBSD is vastly more popular than NetBSD
<haguza>a part from the reason that it is very easy to port to different hardware with an MMU, NetBSD is not a very popular OS
<haguza>Also Tanenbaum.. he basically got millions from the EU to make the OS that runs as a backdoor to any Intel CPU
<haguza>"I read in the media (see above) that a modified version of MINIX was running on most x86 computers, deep inside one of the Intel chips. This was a complete surprise. I don't mind, of course, and was not expecting any kind of payment since that is not required. There isn't even any suggestion in the license that it would be appreciated."
<haguza>do you feel the amount of seething
<haguza>figuratively this paragraph is the equivalent of drool dripping from the mouth angle
<haguza>"The only thing that would have been nice is that after the project had been finished and the chip deployed, that someone from Intel would have told me"
<haguza>here he is basically crying in his bed
<haguza>That certainly wasn't required in any way, but I think it would have been polite to give me a heads up, that's all.
<haguza>If nothing else, this bit of news reaffirms my view that the Berkeley license provides the maximum amount of freedom to potential users. If
<haguza>--> probably he knows that some of his students got hired for this and he wasn't even told so
<haguza>you know, that student that at some point stop answering to email even when you invite him for a free dinner
<haguza>the one you once guested at your holiday house
<guerr>Trollollero trollollĂ 
<jumanji>Hello, does the Hurd supports programming DMA and the Ryzen iommu?