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<Pellescours>damo22: actually I found a file that implement the missing functions, I’m looking to why aren’t they used in the build
<Pellescours>found, it’s because __HAVE_PCI_MSI_MSIX is defined
<Pellescours>Defining NO_PCI_MSI_MSIX makes the functions included in build. I’m able to compile rumpdisk correctly :)
<Pellescours>I have a problem when I try to reboot. The command reboot never ends and hurd seems to hang. It appears recently and I got it multiple times
<Pellescours>Ah, now it crash because pci_intr_established is not defined
<Pellescours>I have a rumpkernel running \o/
<Pellescours>It found my AHCI SATA disk :D
<Pellescours>I’m just not able to call parted on the disk (neither with old, neither with new)
<Gooberpatrol66>very cool!
<Pellescours>I think there is work to do with irqs and rump
<gnu_srs1>Pellescours: Congrats :)