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<Myckel>Gooberpatrol66, doesn't seem like that when I look at Hurd's glibc git repo or the latest releases.
<Gooberpatrol66>Myckel: i think hurd's repo is also different from "upstream". it should work with git://
<cdavalillo>Hi to everyone.Ok I'm a newbie. But I want to contribute to Hurd. The website says that here we get what we need to get the hands on whats next?
<Myckel>Gooberpatrol66, Ok, I'll give that a go. Looking through the glibc changelog I see that hurd is mentioned from time to time.
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<Myckel>Gooberpatrol66, your suggestion from yesterday regarding glibc seems to work. I was able to build it without problems (haven't yet tested running it though). Thank you.
<Gooberpatrol66>Myckel: sweet