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<zamfofex>Hello, everyone! I’m (yet again) trying to get networking functional in a Hurd installation.
<zamfofex>Since last time, I made this thing: and so I was able to get netdde to work! (Seemingly, at least.)
<zamfofex>But there is a new problem now.
<zamfofex>When I try to run ‘settrans’ with ‘/hurd/pfinet’, it tells me “device_open on /dev/eth0: (ipc/mig) bad request message ID” and then promptly exits (“Translator died”).
<zamfofex>Some more info: From “/dev”, I ran “MAKEDEV netdde” followed by “MAKEDEV eth0” before attemprting to use ‘pfinet’. I ran all commands as root.
<zamfofex>I think I had gotten a different kind of error before, but I can’t remember exactly what it was now. I could investigate it more extensively.
<zamfofex>If anyone feel like there is anything I should be trying to figure out, I’d really appreciate it, but I’m kinda lost about what to even try out right now.
<Pellescours>damo22: how do you test rumpdisk?
<zamfofex>Is it possible that the reason I’m getting that “bad request message ID” is that the netdde drivers don’t support my hardware? That’s my current suspiscion, but I’m really unsure.
<zamfofex>I want to know, because I’m contemplating buying a new computer next year to try it out, but if that’s unlikely to be the reason, then I don’t have a reason to do so.
<zamfofex>I just found this:
<zamfofex>I could try applying this patch. I now suspect this might be the reason. (Thoughts and ideas are still appreciated.)
<youpi>zamfofex: it depends what's before the "bad request message ID" error
<youpi>normally nowadays netdde packages don't use the experimental device irq interface any more
<youpi>at any rate it's not related to netdde hardware support
<zamfofex>This is what’s before that message: “device_open on /dev/eth0”
<youpi>at best it'd be gnumach hardware support, i.e. gnumach doesn't support it and thus netdde has to support it, but for some reason it doesn't have the required RPC at hand
<zamfofex>I see. You say “at best”, but what does that mean in this context? What are other possibilities?
<youpi>I don't know, really
<youpi>device_open getting such an error looks like you tinkered your OS, mixing things altogether
<youpi>send the output of showtrans /dev/eth0 and showtrans /dev/netdde
<zamfofex>It was a fresh install from ‘guix system image’. I just ran ‘MAKEDEV’ as I mentioned, nothing else. I have shut down the computer since then, but I can reboot it to try again.
<youpi>ah, then I guess somehow guix mixed things altogether
<youpi>or MAKEDEV did
<youpi>at any rate, showtrans will tell
<zamfofex>youpi: I took a photo.
<zamfofex>The path shown for netdde points to no existent file. Last time I tried this, I ran it by hand on the actual netdde executable and got a different error (that I never shared here).
<zamfofex>youpi: Ah, yeah, I got the error I was getting before. (Also, I noticed I typed ‘/servers/2’ instead of ‘/servers/socket/2’ and resolved it.)
<zamfofex>youpi: Here is the output. It freezes after the last line. Like, I can’t even ctrl‐c out of it.
<zamfofex>(Thank you for your help, by the way, I really appreciate it!)