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<slex>Hello guys I have a little question after searching on the web. I'd like to use gnumach to build a little play os. I mean i little os to learn something on OS development, not a serious os like the hurd. What i'd like to understand is if I MUST use MIG to build an os from scratch or if i can avoid it. Thank you
<Gooberpatrol_66>slex: MIG generates a bunch of boilerplate C code. it's probably possible, though more difficult, to not use it. there's tutorials that show the code it generates somewhere on the wiki.
<slex>for difficult do you meand, the process to compoose send and receive a message?
<slex>(some typo errors)
<slex>well, to play would not be a big problem
<slex>how is the actual gnumach vm status?
<clarity_>I don't know. I think a lot of the problems Hurd faces is because of mach. The whole licensing thing was bad, but I think the microkernel itself caused issues. The whole issues with multi-core processors makes me think that IPC is better in the kernel instead of the microkernel. What do you guys think? I'm looking at this externally, so I'm wondering what the developers think
<clarity_>I might spend some time today looking more at the mach/hurd architecture. It's fascinating. The whole security isolation the hurd provides for the servers/gnus is amazing in itself.
<clarity_>I wonder what the ideal microkernel for hurd would look like
<ThinkT510>you can check out managarm for another approach at a microkernel design